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April Fool’s Day: Disputed Origins and Prank Suggestions

Posted by Charles On March - 31 - 2014
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April Fools Image


As innate as happiness, pride, and anger are in everyone, so, too, is the spirit of japery. We grow up pulling pranks on friends and family because we know they will forgive us for our silliness, and it keeps relationships fresh, especially in a time when routine dominates our lives. So it is interesting to note that there is a day devoted to jokery that is nearly universal all over the world: April 1st.

How is it that this solitary day has such an infamous reputation? What is its origin and how can be pull pranks using good old fashioned gags and humorous costumes? The answer is actually impossible to determine because there are so many different examples in history that may refer to it.

The earliest known origin comes from a festival known as Hilaria (Latin for Hilarious), which was celebrated by the Romans. Hilaria was celebrated during the vernal equinox in honor of Cybele, mother of gods. The laughter associated with the festival is related to the shift in seasons, from winter to spring. Considering everyone’s opinion on winter, who could blame the Romans? They didn’t have the luxury of winter jackets and oil heating.



Another origin would be the Feast of Fools, a medieval festival celebrated in several European countries for centuries. This holiday was known for its extravagance and role reversal. The upper classes gave brief power to individuals in the serving classes, making this a mocking gesture that served the purpose of condoning the behavior of “laughing at oneself.”

It’s very likely that the elaborate pranks pulled in modern day are influenced by these acts from the medieval period. Another well documented incident is the “Washing The Lions” incident, a prank played on unsuspecting victims during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The first ever recorded incident was on April 1st 1698, reported by the Dawks’s News-Letter. People were sent up into the Tower of London to witness the annual lion-washing ceremony, an act that seemed just as silly then as it does today. This prank was held every year on the same day for the next 200 some-odd years.

Early Illustration circa 1770 of kids tying a kite to an old man as an April Fools prank

Early Illustration circa 1770 of kids tying a kite to an old man as an April Fools prank



A modern interpretation of April Fool’s Day comes to us from the BBC and their reporting of “spaghetti trees” in 1957. The channel’s current-affairs program, Panorama, reported to British citizens a story showing a family in Switzerland harvesting spaghetti. At the time spaghetti was a rare in the UK, so many people sent in letters to the BBC asking how they may grow their own trees.

It is likely that the modern holiday was born out of a collective influence by all these events and countless others. Celebrating the day is entirely subjective, but here are a few suggestions for making your next office/family prank as unforgettable as the aforementioned events:

Couple wearing togas1) Create an elaborate memo stating that X-day (whatever weekday April 1st happens to fall on) now requires a casual toga dress code. Send this memo to everyone in the office except for one person. When he or she arrives at the office in regular attire, he or she will be flush with embarrassment and confusion.




Woman in Jester Costume2) If you’re a business owner and have an employee who tries too hard to achieve validation, we suggest starting a new Employee of the Month program. Award this employee with a phony plaque and the “Best Employee Honorary Costume.” A jester costume would be the best way to help the employee understand that he or she needs to relax and drop the act of uber-professionalism.





Silly Men's Aerobics Outfit3) Send a coworker to the dry cleaners to pick up an outfit for a job. Let’s say he or she must interview someone important in your stead, and let’s say this job is a great stepping stone in his or her career. The catch is that the outfit you sent him or her to retrieve and with specific instructions to wear happens to be a multi-color spandex suit. Simply say that the client is a gym rat.






Dumb and Dumber Suit4) No matter the woman in your life, you can absolutely fool her with your attempt to take advantage of a great sale. Pick up this suit  and explain to her that it is designer and 50% off. Make it known that this is the suit you want to wear to that “thing” that’s so important to her (prom, wedding, gala, etc.). Also, drop the tidbit about it having cost $500. It’s designer, so that’s a good deal.





Yeti costume5) If there’s still some snow on the ground and you are looking to remind someone special that spring is only temporary till the next winter, we believe this yeti outfit will do just the trick. You can hide in waiting and be winter’s fury back for one last pass. Your victim will never forget the day he or her was pelted with snowballs by a yeti.


Alfred Hitchcock Day Costume Party Ideas

Posted by Charles On February - 25 - 2014
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Alfred Hitchcock Movie Poster Collage

When you get that movie itch, the specific one for psychological thrillers with characters whose motivations and thoughts are just too much, there’s no better place to go than Alfred Hitchcock’s mighty movie compendium. Find yourself in need to scratch that itch on March 12th, the eponymous Alfred Hitchcock Day, or in our circles, Halloween part II. Read ahead for movie ideas that would make fabulous Hitchcock theme party ideas.

Hitchcock Movie poster

While there aren’t any witches and werewolves to contend with in any of Hitchcock’s films, there are the truly dangerous minds of people. Dial M for Murder featured a tennis pro with a dastardly desire to be rid of his wife, and the lengths he goes to achieve his goal are truly horrifying. It is the people in these films, seemingly normal and well adjusted on the outside, that make Hitchcock’s movies brilliant and dressing up for a day-long movie party a real treat. The party will be similar to a Whodunit style bar event in a major city, the only difference being that you and your friends play the actors.


You need the right atmosphere and the right props to view films as traumatizing as Blackmail, and one of the most sophisticated would be a cigarette holder, perfect for all the dangerous females in attendance. And we mustn’t forget the importance of decade appropriate hairdos, especially the wildly popular one that made stars out of the women in Hitchcock’s films. The right dress can also produce in indomitable power in ladies who want to get their way, as can the accessories  that drive men wild. You see, Alfred Hitchcock Day is about the power of persuasion and how dangerous it can be in the right or wrong hands.

Hitchcock Costume Accessories

Use these costumes and accessories to create your own Alfred Hitchcock inspired costume for a Hitchcock Theme Party or for Halloween.

Men mustn’t worry about their costumes for this viewing party because a suit is the primary outfit of choice for nearly all men in the thriller game. If there is one thing that you absolutely need, it’s a fedora to fit in with the times. Trust no one because danger lurks in the most unlikely places, especially the only place for miles with the lights on. Norman Bates from Hitchcock’s most lauded film Psycho appeared normal, but we all know how that turned out. When someone’s lived his entire life under the austere rule of another, it’s no wonder that desperation acts out with violent  retribution. And lest we forget, danger also comes from above  and below. The characters in The Birds and Vertigo never expected fear to come from such unexpected places, but that’s the beauty of the mind; it creates against our will and twists even the most benign into horror.

Bates Motel Sign Halloween Decoration

Hitchcock possessed an imagination and keenness of human psychology that was unlike any other. So many months after and still so many till Halloween, you must be feeling that itch. You and your friends must satiate that desire for horror in a twisted game of your own devising. Dress the parts and create a party that will make you look forward to this day every year. If anyone begins to feel the need for malicious intent, like the character they’re dressed up as, make sure to keep him or her under lock and key. Hitchcock isn’t around to adapt the story of the party that went terribly wrong.


Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Posted by admin On January - 29 - 2014
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Mardi Gras header

In 2014, Mardi Gras will fall on March 4th. This is later than usual which means the milder weather will bring even more revelers into the streets. While a Mardi Gras parade adds to the fun, anyone anywhere can throw the perfect Mardi Gras Party.

Just stick with tradition and the party will fall into place easily.

  • The Color Theme – the official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold which represent justice, faith and power. Decorating with this color is simple. You can purchase plates, cups, napkins, balloons and streamers in these colors and decorate you space any way you like.

Wear Mardi Gras Costumes – there are a variety from which to choose such as:

  • A Mardi Gras King or Queen costume
  • A Mardi Gras Jester costume
  • Masquade masks

Mardi Gras Costumes Collage

Traditional Food of Mardi Gras – Look to New Orleans cuisine as your guide. A mix of Creole and French fare.

  • Gumbo
  • Jumbalaya
  • Dirty Rice
  • Beignets
  • King Cake
  • Pecan Pie

Here is a great recipe for Jumbalaya. Double or triple the ingredients to feed a crowd. It is super easy and very delicious! Then, serve Beignets and King cake for dessert.


The King Cake is of specific significance. This soft, sweet, bread-like cake is served at Mardi Parties. Somewhere hidden inside the cake is a little toy baby or other trinket. The one who finds it will be crowned the next Mardi Gras King or Queen and have the honor of hosting the next Mardi Gras celebration.

 King Cake

Mardi Gras Music – Play the sounds of New Orleans Jazz and big band.

  • Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Jelly Roll Morton
  • Dixieland
  • Louis Armstrong

Trinkets, Mardi Gras Beads, Mardi Gras Masks and Accessories

The tradition of throwing and collecting beaded necklaces has been around for over 125 years.

When the party is over it’s time to sober up and celebrate Ash Wednesday. For the next 40 days you may fast or withhold from a vice but until that time it’s Carnavale for all!


Dog and Owner Dress-up Ideas

Posted by admin On December - 26 - 2013
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Matching Costumes for Pets and People


January 14th is Dress Up your Pet Day but why stop there? Dress up with your pet in matching costumes. It doesn’t matter that Halloween was 3 months ago. On this day it is perfectly acceptable to get dressed up any outfit your heart desires. However, if after some contemplation you decide you’d rather not don a costume (though you’d be crazy not to) then you can still pick out a pet costume for your best friend, your adorable dog (or cat, or ferret, or pig, etc.)

Get your dose of adorableness with this video of all types of pets in costumes:

Pet costumes are sold in many varieties for convenience but as you can see, there are endless options when you make your own. Simple costumes are as easy as putting a bandana around your dog’s neck and calling him a cowboy or a bandit and from there they become much more elaborate.

Don’t let this holiday pass you by. Get your pet costumes today from Wholesale Costume Club.

Here is an important note to remember from the National Dress Up Your Pet Day website:

“It’s important to remember though, that it’s not, however, a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photo shoot” says Paige. Have fun with your pets by dressing them in cute outfits and safe costumes – but keep your pet’s comfort level in mind when involving him/her in this fun novelty day. Make sure that your pet can see and hear properly and that they aren’t wearing something that might overheat them or incorporate any parts that they may chew off and swallow. You may also want to include more treats and toys into your activities to make it a truly enjoyable experience for your beloved furry ones! And remember….ADOPT! DON’T SHOP!”

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them

Posted by admin On December - 26 - 2013
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This is it. We have reached the end of 2013.  Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? Do you swear you’ll keep it? I have not. Why? Because I have yet to keep one. Rather than disguise my failure I will openly announce that I have NO RESOLUTION!!! However, I have done some online research and found what many references claim to be the top five resolutions. They are, in no particular order, loose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with family, get organized, and save more money. The questions is, how do you keep a New Year’s resolution?

Doing anything “cold turkey” is often synonymous with failure. Try setting your New Year’s goal in three parts. For example, if you want to loose weight, try this: for the month of January, make healthy changes to your diet by adding more fruits, veggies and whole grains and eliminating most of the junk. In February, add some exercise. Don’t kill yourself. It can be playing Wii, or walking the dog at a slightly faster pace. Make it something you enjoy so it won’t seem like work. By March, your eating habits will be better and you’ll like how the exercise makes you feel so you can devote March to expanding on your resolution like cutting more junk and exercising more. The point being, slow and easy wins the race. The same goes for smoking, saving money or anything else.

The first decade of the new millennium was a doozy. The thought of what the next decade will bring is unlimited.  I don’t know about you but I can’t wait. One thing I do know is that I’m going to be free any commitment I cannot maintain or keep, yet still be open to every possibility.

Wholesale Costume Club wishes you all the best with making and keeping your New Year’s resolution. Happy New Year 2014.

Creative Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

Posted by Charles On October - 22 - 2013
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The day after Halloween is great – you have tons of candy and plenty of room in your tummy to fit it. But let’s face it, after a few days go by, that huge pile of suckers, chocolates, and sour sweets is starting to look a little daunting. Maybe you didn’t have as many kids show up to your house and you have a lot of supplies left. Perhaps your kids didn’t like some of the treats they got from their neighborhood rounds. Take the leftover Halloween candy that is still sitting around your house after a few weeks and turn it into something a bit more inspired! We’ve listed some of our favorite mouth-watering recipes that use some candy you might have lying around after all your trick-or-treaters have gone home.

recipe_candy corn krispies  Candy Corn Krispies – (You will need 3 tbsp butter, 4 cups of mini marshmallows, 6 cups rice cereal, 2-3 cups candy corn to taste) Caramel Corn is the signature candy for Halloween, but it isn’t always everyone’s favorite. You can help balance the super sweet taste of candy corn with rice cereal treats. Melt butter and marshmallows in a pan at low heat, add caramel corn and rice puffs, and stir. Roll your cereal treats into balls or cut in squares to complete your candy corn krispies!


Almond Joy Crescent Rolls – (You will need 1 tube of crescent rolls, 4 Almond Joy or Mounds mini bars cut in half, toasted coconut shavings) A lot of kids aren’t big fans of coconut, so chances are you might end up with a few of these fruity candies at the end of Halloween night. Place one half piece of a candy bar in each dough piece. Roll them up and bake as directed. Top with melted chocolate and toasted coconuts for extra flair.

Creepy Crawly Dirt Cupcakes
– (You will need gummy worms or candy, your favorite cupcake recipe, chocolate sandwich cookies) There are all kinds of creepy gummy candies that are made special for Halloween. Fingers, ghosts, and spiders are popular shapes. Take a chocolate cupcake recipe and add ground sandwich cookies over the icing to create a “dirt” covering. Use your leftover Halloween gummies as garnish for a holiday twist to a classic recipe.recipe_stained glass cookies

Stained Glass Window Cookies – (You will need hard candy like Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers, parchment paper, your favorite sugar cookie recipe) Hard candies like Jolly Ranchers and Life Savers don’t get eaten as quickly as chocolate, so you may find yourself with plenty in excess. You can make some creative shortbread cookies with melted hard candies. Pick your favorite cookie cutters to create cool shapes. Cut out the center of each cookie shape and fill it with crushed candy

Lollipop Cake Toppers – (You will need lollipops, your favorite cupcake recipe) Lollipops can be hard to repurpose, but they make for super cute cupcake toppers. Bake some tasty cupcakes and then top each with a colorful lollipop for fun color and an extra treat.

There is no need to worry about what to do with your leftover Halloween candy when there are so many sweet recipes that you can test. When you get tired of the piles of sweets taking up space in your house, turn them into something more enticing with leftover Halloween candy recipes!

Top Group Halloween Costumes From 2012

Posted by admin On September - 18 - 2013
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Calling all friends and family! Multiply the fun this Halloween and dress up as a group. Once you see all of the possibilities, you’ll wonder why do don’t do this every year. If you need a few ideas to get you started, then checkout our Top 10 Group Halloween Costumes for 2012.

Wholesale Costume Club, carries nearly every group inspired costumes that exists. If we don’t show it, we probably have all of the separate costumes that you can use to create a unique group concept. Check out our favs below:

  1. Angry Birds
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  3. Avengers
  4. Decade Costumes
  5. Zombies
  6. Alice in Wonderland
  7. Wizard of Oz
  8. Star Wars
  9. Candy
  10. Crayons

Group costumes ideas range from Angry Birds to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to Wizard of Oz and are available for men, women and children. Everyone can get in on the group costume fun, especially families…Brady Bunch anyone?

Other ideas that derive from the big screen include Alice in Wonderland and The Smurfs.  Alice, The Mad Hatter and The Evil Queen make a great trio.

Perhaps the greatest idea for a large groups is zombies – Lots of creepy, scary, undead zombie.

If you and your friends enjoy action and adventure, then sci-fi and superhero inspired ensembles like Star Wars or the Avengers would be fun. We have almost every Star Wars character ranging from Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker to even plain old Clonetroopers. We also have great accessories for Star War characters such as blasters and lightsabers. As for the Avengers, we have all of the biggest characters such as the Hulk, Captain American, Black Widow, Iron Man and more!

These are just some of the group costume ideas that you can use. Make this year a Halloween that you and your friends will remember!

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Posted by admin On August - 22 - 2013
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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Avast, all ye landlubbers and pirate lovers! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up on September 19th. Are you prepared to put on your best swashbuckling accent and have some sailing theme fun? We have to admit that all the time we spend on land doesn’t provide the best training for talking like a salty bilge rat, but with a few refreshers you will be ready to talk like a sailor in time to throw the perfect pirate party.

Pirate Names

Pirate Name Chart

Pirate Vocabulary

Talking like a pirate takes more than just droppin’ yer G’s and slurrin’ yer words. Pirates There are a few online pirate dictionaries that can help you learn all sorts of buccaneer lingo, but for starters we have listed out some pirate basics:

Ahoy! – “Hello!”
Aye aye! – “Yes, absolutely!”
Booty – Something of great value
Hoist the colors! – Raise the pirate flag
Land lubber – A land lover, someone not familiar with sailing. Use this one to insult all your friends not cool enough to join in on the Talk Like a Pirate Day fun.
Matey – Shipmate or friend
Savvy? – “Do you understand?”
Smartly – Quickly
Shiver me timbers! – “Is that so?” Originally stemming from the splinters created when a cannon ball hit the ship
Grog – An alcoholic drink
Wench – A woman, girl, or pirate lass

Pirate Costumes

sexy pirateOnce you have the vocabulary down, you can make sure you look the part of a scurvy sailor with our top pirate costumes. For a style worthy of pirate jabber, look to sassy women’s options like a Sexy Swashbuckler Pirate or Rustic Pirate Lady Elite Adult Costume which feature design details like a corset top over an off-shoulder blouse. A girl’s pirate dress that shows off glamorous ruffles and satin material can make you look a bit fancier than your typical wench or cabin boy. For a simple look your kids will love on Talk Like a Pirate Day and every play time after, opt for a basic child’s pirate accessory set that includes a vest, striped shirt, sash, eye patch, Jolly Roger hat, and sword.

Jack Sparrow

You can draw inspiration from some of the greatest pirates to sail the Seven Seas. A Men’s Blackbeard Costume helps create a fearsome look reserved for only the fiercest of scalawags. Other famous names both fictional and historic include Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, Calico Jack, Captain Kidd, and Barbossa. These ruthless buccaneers certainly used pirate slang to give orders aboard their famous ships!

You can sound as cool as these big names in piracy when you tell your friends to “Make sail!” or “C’mere, me matey!” on this silly holiday. Get into the pirate spirit this September for International Talk Like a Pirate Day by hosting your own pirate themed party complete with swashbuckling costumes, accents, games, food and music!

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Friday the 13th Party

Posted by admin On August - 22 - 2013
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Collage of Superstitious Images

This September brings with it the first Friday the 13th of the year. Why not turn this unlucky holiday into your lucky day with a superstition theme party. We think that Friday the 13th doesn’t have to be a bad luck when you celebrate with friends and fun party decorations and props! Take a look at our tips for a fun event and then throw your own unlucky celebration.

1) Set the Stage – Stare down all the traditional bad luck when you decorate your home with typically unlucky props. Set up a ladder in front of your front entrance to force guests to walk under it. Hang open umbrellas from the ceiling. Set up black cat props to line your halls.  Decorate with horseshoes and other good luck charms to counterbalance the bad superstitions. Music from a scary soundtrack can also help set the ambiance of your event.

umbrellas open indoors

2) Run the Gauntlet – Test your luck and throw caution to the wind with a series of daring tasks that fly in the face of bad luck superstitions. Lay out a row of pennies and see which party guest can pick them up the fastest. Play musical chairs with an umbrella or bowl of salt. Giving the usual party games a bad luck twist can be a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.

3) Watch a Spooky Movie – Pop in a scary movie to watch with friends. Horror classics like Friday the 13th and Final Destination let you appreciate just how good your luck really is in comparison to the characters in the films. Make a bowl of popcorn to snack on and make sure you toss salt over your shoulder if you spill any salt when flavoring your treat!

4) Snack in Style – Cater your event with themed goodies. Cut out sugar cookies in the shape of black cats or broken mirrors to fit with your Friday the 13th theme. Deviled eggs and devil’s food cake are more great matches for your theme. Lucky Charms cereal can help balance out all the unlucky fun you will be having!

cat cookies

5) Dress the Part – Invite your Friday the 13th party guests to dress as Jason from the horror movie or in themed clothing. Guests can show up to your celebration dressed in a sexy black cat costume  or an outfit matched with a cute umbrella to fit in with the fun bad luck theme.

Have a bit of fun this Friday the 13th by throwing a superstition party that features a fun way to look at all the things we normally consider unlucky!

2013’s Most Popular Character Costumes for Halloween

Posted by admin On July - 24 - 2013
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There is something about characters that just get people hooked.  Since childhood, we all have our favorites.  Whether they’re comic book characters, storybook characters, television characters or movie characters, we inherently love (or hate) them.  Without characters, there would be no point in watching, reading, playing with, well, anything.  So this Halloween, pay homage to your favorite characters.

We’ve found the best, new character costumes for 2013 for all ages.  Here are our picks for most popular character costumes this year!

Okay, we know that these costumes have always been popular with little girls.  It’s hard not to love the Disney princesses.  And each year, the family keeps getting bigger.  We’ve got Cinderella gowns fit for a royal ball.  With our Ariel costumes, you’ll be ready for a life under the sea.  Princess Aurora surely won’t sleep through this Halloween looking this good.  But the best part about our Disney princess collection is that we’ve got brand new adult sizes!  Now any girl, no matter how old or young, can be a princess.  What a special moment to share if you and your daughter dress up as matching princesses.  Or you can each don your favorite Disney character!

Disney Princess Costumes

Although Disney didn’t add a new princess to the collection this year, they did, however, release their prequel to Monsters, Inc.  Monsters University goes down in history as the first Disney Pixar prequel.  The summer hit brings audiences back to the very beginning, showing us all how Mike and Sulley got their start as scarers.  With both children’s and adults’ sizes, you can head off to the Halloween celebrations as a family affair.  Don’t forget to practice your scare tactics because these costumes will earn more laughs than screams.

Monsters Inc Mike Adult Costume Monsters Inc Sulley Kids CostumeMonsters Inc Mike Kids CostumeMonsters Inc Sulley Adult Costume

Speaking of laughs, the big screen has seen more familiar faces this summer.  Despicable Me 2 also premiered, earning more laughs than the original film.  In this sequel, former villain, Gru finds love and ultimately a mother for his adopted girls.  Although there are a few new faces, Gru’s unforgettable minions are back to help him with his new line of work.  In the end, he’s got to save his loyal friends.  Show your support for not only the minions but also Gru’s decision to remain on the straight and narrow with these Despicable me costumes for the whole family!

Gru Adutl Costume   Kids Minion CostumeAgnes CostumeMinion Adult Costume

Don’t let your favorite character sell out before you get it!  We’re offering the option to pre-order any of these New for 2013 costumes.  Get yours today.

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