A Magical Day with Mommy and Me!

Every woman, young or old, should get the royal treatment from time to time.  Luckily for you, you won’t need a fairy godmother to grant you a day of leisure and pampering.  A magical day for you and your little princess is a swing of your wand away!

Putting a smile on your little girl’s face is as easy as saying “bibbidi bobbidi boo” if you follow these steps!

1.  Dress to impress!

Snow White and Aurora Costumes

No special Mommy and Me princess day would be complete without clothes fit for a royal.  Transform you and your daughter from head to toe with just the right dress.  If your closet is lacking ball gowns and sparkling crowns, we’ve got the fix.  Like mother like daughter, you can coordinate the same princess outfits.  For a truly enchanting experience, you could even transform into your favorite Disney princesses!






2. Don’t forget the hair and makeup.Girl's Princess Makeup Kit

It’s not called primping and pampering for nothing.  A Mommy and Me day at the spa, hair or nail salon will be just what you need to unwind with your little one.  You don’t even need to splurge at the salon!  Lay out all your hair, nail and makeup supplies and go wild.  Give your little princess free reign to style you anyway she wants and you may just be surprised by her skills and imagination.  Return the favor and the two of you will be ready to start your day.  But don’t forget to top off your looks with the perfect crowns!


3.  Tea time!

Tea SetSchedule tea time at high noon.  Whether you’re using real teal or using your imagination, a sophisticated afternoon tea is perfect for royal relaxation.  Break out the fine china (or that plastic tea set she loves) but don’t forget to have some sweet treats on hand.  Cookies and scones are perfect snacks when it comes to gossiping about all the eligible princes in the land.  You can even turn tea time into lunch time with her favorite sandwich!  All you need to do for tea time finger sandwich is cut the crust off and then slice the sandwich diagonally.


4.  Have a ball.

Disney Princess BallNo special day of royal treatment would be complete without a ball.  You’re already dressed for the occasion so round up all of your little one’s loyal, stuffed animal subjects.  Together you can decorate for big party by hanging up streamers and balloons or even coloring pictures of the kingdom together.  Teach her some of your best dance moves so that she’ll be prepared to dance the night away.  You could even sweep her off her feet!


As a parent, nothing is more rewarding than smiling and playing the day away with your little one.  Make sure you’ve got your camera ready to snap pictures of the magical event because this is one Mommy and Me day you’ll never forget.

There’s no better excuse for a day of pampering than sharing the special experience with your little princess.  When you put your imaginations together, you and your daughter will bond in a magical way.

Let us know how your day turned out!  We’d love to hear about your magical Mommy and Me princess play time.



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