Alfred Hitchcock Day Costume Party Ideas

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Alfred Hitchcock Movie Poster Collage

When you get that movie itch, the specific one for psychological thrillers with characters whose motivations and thoughts are just too much, there’s no better place to go than Alfred Hitchcock’s mighty movie compendium. Find yourself in need to scratch that itch on March 12th, the eponymous Alfred Hitchcock Day, or in our circles, Halloween part II. Read ahead for movie ideas that would make fabulous Hitchcock theme party ideas.

Hitchcock Movie poster

While there aren’t any witches and werewolves to contend with in any of Hitchcock’s films, there are the truly dangerous minds of people. Dial M for Murder featured a tennis pro with a dastardly desire to be rid of his wife, and the lengths he goes to achieve his goal are truly horrifying. It is the people in these films, seemingly normal and well adjusted on the outside, that make Hitchcock’s movies brilliant and dressing up for a day-long movie party a real treat. The party will be similar to a Whodunit style bar event in a major city, the only difference being that you and your friends play the actors.


You need the right atmosphere and the right props to view films as traumatizing as Blackmail, and one of the most sophisticated would be a cigarette holder, perfect for all the dangerous females in attendance. And we mustn’t forget the importance of decade appropriate hairdos, especially the wildly popular one that made stars out of the women in Hitchcock’s films. The right dress can also produce in indomitable power in ladies who want to get their way, as can the accessories  that drive men wild. You see, Alfred Hitchcock Day is about the power of persuasion and how dangerous it can be in the right or wrong hands.

Hitchcock Costume Accessories

Use these costumes and accessories to create your own Alfred Hitchcock inspired costume for a Hitchcock Theme Party or for Halloween.

Men mustn’t worry about their costumes for this viewing party because a suit is the primary outfit of choice for nearly all men in the thriller game. If there is one thing that you absolutely need, it’s a fedora to fit in with the times. Trust no one because danger lurks in the most unlikely places, especially the only place for miles with the lights on. Norman Bates from Hitchcock’s most lauded film Psycho appeared normal, but we all know how that turned out. When someone’s lived his entire life under the austere rule of another, it’s no wonder that desperation acts out with violent  retribution. And lest we forget, danger also comes from above  and below. The characters in The Birds and Vertigo never expected fear to come from such unexpected places, but that’s the beauty of the mind; it creates against our will and twists even the most benign into horror.

Bates Motel Sign Halloween Decoration

Hitchcock possessed an imagination and keenness of human psychology that was unlike any other. So many months after and still so many till Halloween, you must be feeling that itch. You and your friends must satiate that desire for horror in a twisted game of your own devising. Dress the parts and create a party that will make you look forward to this day every year. If anyone begins to feel the need for malicious intent, like the character they’re dressed up as, make sure to keep him or her under lock and key. Hitchcock isn’t around to adapt the story of the party that went terribly wrong.




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