Australians Love Costumes but Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Only residents of the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK and Latin America celebrate Halloween. In most other parts of the world, Halloween Day is just an ordinary October 31st.  In fact, a poll held on Australia’s leading news site at the end of In October 2009 indicated that 85% of Australians think Halloween should be ditched as it is totally irrelevant, whilst 15% of Australians said they love it and wanted to keep it. So why are our Australian customers not only so loyal, but so into Halloween costumes? Because Aussies wear costumes, or as they refer to it, Fancy Dress, all year long.

Fancy Dress is a fun way to celebrate festivals such as Australia Day and other types of parties ranging from birthdays to office Christmas parties. Fancy Dress parties are significantly more popular Down Under than here in the US. Costumes are a fabulous form of expression, adventure, drama and humor. Australian’s really know how to make Fancy Dress an entertaining part of their lifestyle all year long.

As far as the types of costumes Australian’s prefer, there is not one specific genre although Wholesale Costume Club’s 10 best selling costumes to Aussie customers in the past year are (in no particular order):

  1. Wonder Woman Costumes and female superhero outfits
  2. Iron Man Costumes and other male superheroes, especially Superman and Batman
  3. Star Wars Costumes – all varieties, especially Darth Vader
  4. Alice in Wonderland Costumes, including Mad Hatter
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes
  6. Flapper Costumes
  7. Toga/Greek/Roman Costumes
  8. 70s/Disco Costumes
  9. 50s Costumes
  10. Easter Bunny Suits

It’s just more proof that costumes don’t have to be just for Halloween. Come on American, lets have more costume parties too!





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