Best and Worst Dressed Superheroes

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In honor of National Superhero Day we have put together the best (and worst) dressed superheroes. Channeling my inner Joan Rivers I began to wonder how the superheroes and villains would rate if they were judged by the fashion experts.  The SuperHero costume awards are where the men and women in the comic book world take center stage. Here would be my picks:

Best Dressed Male Superhero

Best Dressed Superheroes

  1. Iron Man
  2. Thor
  3. Dark Knight
  4. Green Hornet
  5. Captain America

Worst Dressed Male Superhero

  1. Hellboy
  2. Spider-Man
  3. The Joker
  4. Robin
  5. Hulk

Best Dressed Female Superhero

  1. Black Widow
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Batgirl
  4. She-Ra
  5. Poison Ivy


Worst Dress Female Superheroes

  1. Pink Power Ranger
  2. Kick Ass
  3. Poison Ivy
  4. Street Fighter Chun Li



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