Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for 2013

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2013 isn’t over yet but there have already been some crazy things that will go down in pop culture history. It is fun to see how things compare from year to year.

Robin ThickeBeetlejuice

We don’t actually have a Robin Thick costume but this Beetlejuice suit is a darn close match.

Mylie Cyrus443160EL Baretard

You can wear this Baretard T-Shirt as a spoof on the twerking former Disney child star or you can wear some of your flesh colored underwear in public. We vote for the t-shirt.

Breaking Bad Walter WhiteBreaking Bad

One of the greatest and darkest characters on TV. If you don’t recognize this yellow hazmat jumpsuit then you have obviously not seen the show because you have been living under a rock.

Duck DynastyDuck Dynasty Si Costume

Si and company have the most popular reality show on TV today. Go figure

Walking Dead880354R walking dead

For a second year, the Rick Grimes costume as well as all zombie costumes are best sellers.


The world’s most ridiculous movie has quickly become a cult classic and has even sparked talk of a sequel.

Despicable MeKids Minion Costume

Gru costumes and minion costumes are top picks with both kids and adults. All ages can appreciate the humor in this movie.

Iron Man 3Iron Man 3 Mens Costume

This is the most popular (grossing) movie of 2013 to date. Robert Downey, Jr, aka Tony Stark is on top of his game and boasts one of the best selling Halloween costumes too.

Ylvis – The Fox70524F Fox Costume

This catchy tune has the most ridiculous lyrics on the planet and we LOVE IT! We especially love all of the animal mascot costumes in the video. What a great group costume idea.

Furry HoodiesJV80080 Sexy animal hood

No rave is complete without sexy young thangs in these trendy hoods featuring animal and monster themes.

When we revisit this page next year, will be laugh out loud at how silly these trend are or will we remember them fondly. Perhaps a few will be bigger than ever. Stay tuned.



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