Comic Con 2012 Costumes

Comic Con 2012 is in full swing. It started yesterday and runs through the weekend. Already, the internet is overflowing with images and reviews of this long awaited event. If you don’t dress for this event then you are the one that doesn’t fit in. If you go, bring your A-game. Go for the best costume you can find or make one of your own that is so outrageous that is will go viral.

As expected, people when all out for this event. Superhero costumes are in abundance. The self proclaimed Nerd State Fair is the place to show your love for your favorite superhero, cartoon character or pop culture persona. It is also the place for super nerds to get a first hand look at films, games and even more, before they are available to the general public. Some of the special things that attendees get to see this week include a sneak preview of Dredd 3D, the trailer for the new 007 Legends game, clips from The Dark Knight Rises, a showing of the new Prometheus action figures and an art exhibition of Frankenweenie.

Not everyone when with the traditional store bought Halloween costume. The great thing about Comic Con is that if you want to wear a ready-to-wear costume, they are readily available, but if you want to get creative you can do that too. Check out this guy who thought outside the box:

Balloon Ironman

One of these days I will get to embrace my inner geekdom, don my Wonder Woman costume and interview comic book legends while they are tied up in my lasso of truth. Maybe next year.



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