Creative Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

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The day after Halloween is great – you have tons of candy and plenty of room in your tummy to fit it. But let’s face it, after a few days go by, that huge pile of suckers, chocolates, and sour sweets is starting to look a little daunting. Maybe you didn’t have as many kids show up to your house and you have a lot of supplies left. Perhaps your kids didn’t like some of the treats they got from their neighborhood rounds. Take the leftover Halloween candy that is still sitting around your house after a few weeks and turn it into something a bit more inspired! We’ve listed some of our favorite mouth-watering recipes that use some candy you might have lying around after all your trick-or-treaters have gone home.

recipe_candy corn krispies  Candy Corn Krispies – (You will need 3 tbsp butter, 4 cups of mini marshmallows, 6 cups rice cereal, 2-3 cups candy corn to taste) Caramel Corn is the signature candy for Halloween, but it isn’t always everyone’s favorite. You can help balance the super sweet taste of candy corn with rice cereal treats. Melt butter and marshmallows in a pan at low heat, add caramel corn and rice puffs, and stir. Roll your cereal treats into balls or cut in squares to complete your candy corn krispies!


Almond Joy Crescent Rolls – (You will need 1 tube of crescent rolls, 4 Almond Joy or Mounds mini bars cut in half, toasted coconut shavings) A lot of kids aren’t big fans of coconut, so chances are you might end up with a few of these fruity candies at the end of Halloween night. Place one half piece of a candy bar in each dough piece. Roll them up and bake as directed. Top with melted chocolate and toasted coconuts for extra flair.

Creepy Crawly Dirt Cupcakes
– (You will need gummy worms or candy, your favorite cupcake recipe, chocolate sandwich cookies) There are all kinds of creepy gummy candies that are made special for Halloween. Fingers, ghosts, and spiders are popular shapes. Take a chocolate cupcake recipe and add ground sandwich cookies over the icing to create a “dirt” covering. Use your leftover Halloween gummies as garnish for a holiday twist to a classic recipe.recipe_stained glass cookies

Stained Glass Window Cookies – (You will need hard candy like Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers, parchment paper, your favorite sugar cookie recipe) Hard candies like Jolly Ranchers and Life Savers don’t get eaten as quickly as chocolate, so you may find yourself with plenty in excess. You can make some creative shortbread cookies with melted hard candies. Pick your favorite cookie cutters to create cool shapes. Cut out the center of each cookie shape and fill it with crushed candy

Lollipop Cake Toppers – (You will need lollipops, your favorite cupcake recipe) Lollipops can be hard to repurpose, but they make for super cute cupcake toppers. Bake some tasty cupcakes and then top each with a colorful lollipop for fun color and an extra treat.

There is no need to worry about what to do with your leftover Halloween candy when there are so many sweet recipes that you can test. When you get tired of the piles of sweets taking up space in your house, turn them into something more enticing with leftover Halloween candy recipes!



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