Festive and Easy Chirstmas Theme Party Ideas

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A traditional Christmas party with your friends and family is always a nice way to celebrate the season. A home decorated with a tree and garlands, delicious food and wonderful friends is all you need but if you want to give your party a twist, then host a Christmas theme party. Be sure to make your theme clear on the invitation, including any necessary instructions for how to dress or what to bring. Here are 6 Christmas theme party ideas to try this year:


  1. Ugly Sweater Party – You know that atrocious Christmas sweater that your aunt bought for you? Don’t throw it away. Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Everyone should be invited to wear the ugliest sweater they have. You can have contests and give prizes.
  2. Tree Decorating Party – This could become your annual Christmas tradition. Invite your friends to decorate your tree. In lieu of a gift, suggest they bring an ornament for your tree. It can be homemade or store bought. The idea is to bring friends together. You tree will be a reflection of your friendships and it will be fun to see how it develops with each passing year.
  3. Christmas costume party – This speaks for itself. As hosts, you can dress up in a Santa Suit and a Mrs. Claus costume. Your guest can wear any type of Christmas costume or Christmas themed outfit they desire. Be sure to take lots of pictures!
  4. Christmas Ornament Exchange – Everyone brings a wrapped Christmas ornament with them. At the end of the night, everyone takes one with them as they leave. You get to open up a nice surprise that will become party of your own tree. An alternative is a cookie exchange. Everyone brings a large batch of their favorite cookie recipe. The hostess will put our some for sampling and sort the rest for bringing home. This way everyone gets to go home with a delicious assortment of cookies.
  5. Christmas movie theme –You can choose your favorite Christmas movie and make it the theme for the evening. Ask that people dress up in costumes from the movie or in the style of the movie. Of course, the evening will include a screening of the movie for those who want to relax and watch. Don’t forget the popcorn. Some suggested movies are It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story, The Grinch, A Christmas Carol.
  6. White Elephant Party – The theme is for a group of friends with a sense of humor. Everyone must bring what they think is the worst gift in the world. This is the perfect opportunity to re-gift. Just be sure that your re-gift is not from someone attending the party. Put all of the wrapped gifts on a table and have everyone pick a number to determine who picks first and so on. There are a variety of gift exchange games that would make this even more fun.


Of course, the ideas listed about are just the theme. You will need to decorate and prepare a holiday spread complete with food, drink and music. For some great ideas of what to serve at your holiday party, especially if you are entertaining on a budget, be sure to read our next blog post.




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