Fundraising Not Just for PTAs – You Can Raise Money for Your Cause Too

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The fundraiser that requires no work!

Our Annual Wholesale Costume Club Halloween Costume Fundraiser has helped nearly 1000 schools raise money for their PTA, PTO or HSA but did you know that hundreds of churches, non-profit organizations, sports teams, fraternities/sororities and school clubs have also benefited from our fundraiser? It’s true.

Any organization that chooses to participate in the 2013 Halloween Costume Fundraiser will get the following:

  • A Promo Code that is exclusive to your group. This is how we track your sales and how you will promote the fundraiser. Your organization will be 15% of every sale that uses your code.
  • We will give you a promotional flyer that prominently displays your organization name and promo code. We send it to you via email so you can reproduce it either in color or black and white copies or turn into an email blast.
  • We will give you a website banner that you can put on your site and link to
  • If you require it, we can also provide you with a flyer that has been translated into Spanish.

Consider the possibilities:

Fundraising for Churches

You can raise funds for improvements to your church, to support your church’s youth group or to donate to another cause such as a local soup kitchen, shelter or other group with whom your church is affiliated. You can also use fundraising to purchase costumes for your Christmas pageant or annual Passion Play and have 15% be returned to you. For the less fortunate in your community, you can create a “pay-it-forward” program by asking congregation members to purchase an extra costume for a less fortunate church member. This will help your church and your fellowman at the same time. And remember to get the kids involved. Having your church youth group help you promote the fundraiser will help teach them the reward of fundraising. When many congregants get involved it increases the sense of community so encourage all of them to tell their friends and family to use your church promo code when they shop for costumes at Wholesale Costume Club.

Fundraising for Sports Teams

Whether this is a school team or an after school league we can help you raise money for travel, equipment and whatever else you need. We know that playing sports is a big committment for the kids and is also a big financial burden for parents. Fundraisers really help. However, instead of doing the usual stuff like hanging outside the supermarket all day asking for donations, why not try something that involves a lot less effort. Simply promote the fundraiser to all of your friends via Facebook and increase your presence. People will purchase costumes using your team’s checkout code and you don’t have to take any valuable time from your already busy day.

Fundraising on the College Level

Imagine having extra cash to use for mixers, fraternity dues, outings or to donate to a cause that your fraternity or sorority has chosen to support. The best part about raising money for your fraternity or sorority is that even if your group is small in number, you have they entire college, local community, family and friends to market to.

Fundraising for Non-Profit Groups

This is ideal for any organization with a 501c3 but you can also raise money on behalf of a group you’d like to support. For example, you and some friends would like to raise money to support Hurricane Sandy relief. No problem. We will make your check out to a confirmed non-profit but mail the check to you so that you can forward it on behalf of you and your friends. All of your friends and family can take advantage of buying wholesale costumes at great savings and you can raise money for something you believe in.

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