How to Get the Easter Bunny to Visit and Leave Extra Treats

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As you know, the Easter Bunny visits good boys and girls every Easter Sunday and delivers baskets filled with candy and gifts. But it is a little known fact that you can entice Peter Cottontail into leaving a little something extra. Here’s how:

    1. The Easter Bunny loves popcorn. If you leave a trail of popcorn from your driveway to your front door, he will be certain to gobble it up and be most appreciative.

    1. Make a special Bunny Door. The Easter Bunny is very attracted to bright, sparkly things. Take a large piece of construction paper and decorate it with glitter, drawings and cut-outs. You can write “Enter” on the magic door and then tape it to the bottom of your front door in the same location you would but a dog door. The Easter Bunny will see it and will be able to enter through this magical doorway.

    1. Get the Easter Bunny to wiggle his nose. Why, you ask? Because when he wiggles his nose, gift baskets and goodies appear. The more he wiggles his nose, the bigger the basket will be. How do you do that, you ask? Well all you need to do is sprinkle some pepper outside your door. He will sniff it before he enters the house and his nose will wiggle like crazy.


    1. Make him an extra special snack. The one thing that Peter Cottontail loves the most is sweet treats that have a bunny motif. He will surely reward you for the effort.  Here is a recipe for one of his all time favorites:

Easter Bunny Peeps Cake

1 Box of your favorite cake mix, prepared and baked

1 Container of White Frosting

1 large bag of M&Ms in pastel colors

18-20 Bunny Peeps in Pastel Colors

Bake your cake as instructed on the box, cool it and frost is with white icing. It doesn’t need to be perfect because you are covering the outside of the cake.  Take your Peeps and adhere them to the side of the frosted cake. Then, cover the top of the cake with the M&Ms. If you want to add a decorative touch, you can pipe a pretty border of frosting along the bottom and decorate with jelly beans or more chocolates. Use your imagination. That’s what the Easter Bunny likes.

If you do these things, they Easter Bunny is sure to make your home a top priority and it will guarantee that the Easter Basket he leaves is a very special one for a very special child.







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