Have the Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever!

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Children make every holiday better. The best part about getting the family together for Easter is seeing the kids in the Easter clothes, enjoying their baskets and participating in Easter Egg hunts. If you want to have the very best Easter Egg Hunt EVER, just follow these simple guidelines:

1. Separate your children into two groups according to age, if necessary. One group for 6 and under and the other for 7 and over. This will make it fair. You can hide the eggs in easier places for the younger kids. To help alleviate any confusion, you can also separate the eggs, saying, blue and yellow are for the younger group and pink and green are for the older group.

2. Fill your eggs with a variety of goodies ranging from jelly beans to chocolate kisses. You can also fill them with money; something the older kids really appreciate. For each group, make a special prize egg. It can be an egg with a piece of paper inside that says prize, or it can be an egg that is a unique color from the rest. This will be worthy of a special prize such as a Chocolate Easter Bunny or a toy of some sort.

4. If you are having your hunt outdoors, some great hiding places are under bushes, in planters, behind a shed, under a lawn chair pillow, etc. You get the idea.

5. If they kids in your family are like mine, we even go as far as to say each child can find five eggs each. Once they find their five, they can help the other kids. This keeps everything even-Steven.


You can make the experience even more exciting by having someone in the family dress up in an Easter Bunny costume. If the kids are all very young, you can dress all the children in toddler bunny costumes too. Imagine how cute they will look hopping around the yard hunting for eggs!




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