How to Avoid Taking an Awkward Christmas Costume Portrait

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This year, you might think it is a good idea to dress the family in matching Christmas costumes for your annual Christmas card picture or holiday portrait. Without a few basic tips, this could easily backfire and you will wind up with something that looks ridiculous. You may even find your picture on a website for awkward family photos.


What you want to avoid is anything that looks like this:

Or this…

Here is how you can avoid an awkward family Christmas picture:


  1. Choose a Christmas costume that everyone in the house look appropriate while wearing.  Some ideas include mom and dad and Santa and Mrs. Claus and the kids dressed up as elves. Another idea is for everyone to wear a red shirt and a Santa hat.
  2. Avoid too many props. You don’t have to wrap yourself up tinsel and lights or wrap yourself in a box with a bow. It looks idiotic in addition to being dangerous.
  3. Keep the kids happy. A family Christmas card with little Billy crying might be cute to you but your friends and family might find it disturbing.
  4. If the dog is going to be in the picture too, the best place for it is lying on the floor. I’ve seen one too many family pictures with male dogs showing off more than I’d like to see. Its nice that your dog is “excited” to be in the picture but everyone doesn’t need to see it.
  5. Don’t overthink the pose. A beautiful picture of your spouse and kids in Santa Hats can go very wrong if you over-think the pose. For an example of exactly what NOT to do, take a look at the image below:


Don’t scare Santa away with an awkward family photo like that one.  Wearing Christmas costumes are a wonderful way commemorate your holiday. There are enough Christmas costumes that you can choose a different theme each year. Just remember, don’t go too crazy and your images will turn out great.








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