How to Make and Keep a New Year’ s Resolution

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When you have taken the last bite that you can possible stuff in your mouth at your Christmas dinner you vow that you are going to go on a diet starting New Year’s Day. In fact, losing weight is the #1 most common New Year’s Resolution. You can tell; as soon as store circulars are finished advertising the “day after Christmas deals” they then flood the pages with treadmills, weight training systems, running shoes and fitness apparel. Rounding out the other top resolutions is to quit smoking, save more money/get out of debt, help those in need and get a new job.

Why Do Most People Not Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions?

According to Forbes Magazine, 40% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution but only 8% of people actually achieve the goal they set. What it boils down to is that people set goal that are too ambitious. They adopt to “go big or go home” mentality. People who want to lose weight will often start January 1st with a crash diet and an unrealistic exercise regimen. Smokers will quit cold turkey and people vowing to manage their stress will attempt to take up transcendental meditation.  We are always looking for the speedy approach and forget that a year is 12 months long. It’s only natural that when we set unrealistic goals we set ourselves up for failure.

How to Keep your New Years Resolution

If you want to keep a goal this year there are things you can do to make them reachable.

Set Your Goals in Small Milestones

Instead of making a resolutions that you are going to quit smoking cold turkey and never smoke again, take baby steps. For example, as of January 1st make the decision to start using a quit smoking aid such as Nicoret or Chantix. Then say by the end of January the amount you smoke will be reduced by half. Commit to being down to only 3 cigarettes a day by March and one a day by June. Then after that, continue to pare down until you feel you can quit completely.

This same principle can be applied to any goal. Space it out in baby steps and commit to a long term, steady lifestyle change and a habit change rather than an end result.

Reward Yourself Along the Way

If you reward yourself for every milestone you reach it will be easier to keep you eyes on the prize. It will also make you look forward to the next milestone reached.  If you are losing weight, reward yourself with a new outfit when you reach your first 10 lb. goal. Find rewards that support your goals. You wouldn’t want to celebrate dropping a pants size by going out to dinner, right?

Be Realistic

Let’s face it, we are all human. We are going to slip up. Its OK. Simply saying, “I’m going to weigh less in a year than I do today” is more realistic than saying, “I’m going to break my high school weight by June so I can look great for my reunion.” Any change you make that is realistic will set you up for continues success.

Happy New Year

From All of us at Wholesale Costume Club, we wish you a very Happy 2015. Our goal is to continue to serve our customers with low priced costumes and accessories and improve our overall level of customer service.



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