Kristen Stewarts Cheating Creates New Couples Costume

Move over Jacob, there’s a new love triangle and with it comes a new couples Halloween costume. The love triangle has crossed over from Twilight to Snow White and the Huntsman. At the center of it is Kristen Stewart.

The star of Twilight and Snow White has cheated on her co-star boyfriend, Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White, Rupert Sanders. The Bella, Edward, Jacob triangle was make believe but this new affair is the real thing. And if cheating isn’t bad enough, she went and did it with a married man. Oh, the drama!!!

What will this mean for Halloween? Will there still be couples dressing up as Bella and Edward? Probably not.  According to reports, Rob has broken up with Kristen and moved out of their house. So if you planning to wear a Bella and Edward costume for Halloween this year, here is a timely alternative.

Snow White and the Director – If you’re significant other doesn’t like to dress up in costumes, you can simply by “Snow White and The Husband”

Yes, it’s mean and its a cheap shot but so is cheating.



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