Memorial Day Celebration Ideas

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Most see Memorial Day as the official kick-off to summer.  This is when we throw  our big “let’s get the party started” barbeque and invite all of our friends. If  we were lucky enough to have a mild spring, or if you live in the warmer area of the country, it is usually accompanied by frolicking in the pool, kids on the Slip ‘n Slide other fun outdoor activities.


Let us not forget that Memorial Day is the day that we remember and give thanks to our fallen soldiers. With that said, this explains the very patriotic theme of Memorial Day. Here are some ways to decorate and celebrate using the old red, white and blue theme. The best part is that you can save all your Memorial Day party costumes and accessories for July 4th and use them again.

Now you need some good old American refreshements:


And don’t forget recipes for yummy red, white and blue desserts


Eat, drink, and play this Memorial Day weekend and remember the reason why we have the freedom to do so.



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