Romance is in the Air so Get Your Sexy Valentine’s Costumes

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It may be cliché but Valentine’s Day is the day we reserve for that very special night of romance. This year, why not take it to an entirely new level with a sexy Valentine’s Day costume.


Since this night only comes once a year, it is treated with more regard than any typical evening of romance. Do something unforgettable that will bring the two of you together in a way that makes your relationship even more intimate. I’m taking about wearing sexy costumes and role playing.


If you are single, kick the roommates out of the house for the night; if you have kids, send them to bed early because on Valentines, its just the two of you….and a sexy new fantasy. If you need a few suggestions, here are the top role-play costumes for adventurous couples:


  • The Beer Girl – A sexy beer girl valentine costume is ideal for serving up some grown-up fun. Indulge your beer loving guy in a Bavarian maiden or Irish beer girl outfit. If you serve him well, surely he will tip generously
  • The French Maid – Men just find this one irresistible. If you choose the French Maid as your Valentine costume, don’t forget the feather duster so you can tickle his fancy.
  • The Naughty Nurse – Here is the prescription for spicing things up in the bedroom. He’s got a disease called love and the only cure is some TLC from Nurse Naughty.
  • The Dirty Cop – Your man has been caught breaking the law so it is time to frisk him and cuff him.
  • The Sex Kitten – A sleek black cat suit will make you a mysterious vixen while a form fitting leopard bustier and black tutu will turn you into a fancy feline. What kind of sexy kitty do you want to be?


Wholesale Costume Club has a large variety of sexy Valentine’s Day costumes for couples to enjoy when planning a romantic and adventurous night. We can supply your costume, Cupid shoot his arrow. They rest is up to you and your imagination.







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