School Fundraising That Won’t Make Your Kids Fat

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There has been a lot of coverage on the news about the state of Massachusetts banning bake sales and candy sales from school fundraising as of August 1st. It’s a good thing our Wholesale Costume Club’s Halloween Costume Fundraiser is not only a calorie free alternative but is begins in August so your fundraising efforts won’t miss a beat.

The Halloween Costume Fundraiser is a program, in its third year, that is dedicated to helping schools and non-profit organizations raise funds by selling Halloween costumes at wholesale prices and donating 15% of the proceeds back to the school. In addition to being a great supplemental fundraiser, it provides families with a cost saving way to buy Halloween costumes. And since everyone buys costumes, families can save money and help their school or group at the same time. Every school gets a promo code and a custom-made flyer emailed to them to distribute to students, friends and family. The convenient PDF flyer is ideal for schools that choose to go paperless, or it can be printed and distributed. The school gets 15% of all the sales that use there code at checkout.

According to the Center for Disease Control ad Prevention’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 32.6% of children ages 6-11 were overweight or obese and for 12-19 year olds the number is a staggering 33.6%

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Halloween costumes contribute to kids eating sweets and to childhood obesity. Well, here’s a tip. When I was growing up, my brother and I would divvy our candy and my mom would put our stash into a plastic storage bags and put them in the freezer. Every night after dinner, we would get one piece of candy (usually bite-sized) until all the candy was gone. We had candy well into December whereas our friends were all out by the first week of November. To this day, I still get a craving for a frozen Snickers after a good meal.  The point is, everything in moderation.

The Halloween Costume Fundraiser is available to schools and organizations in all 50 states, US territories and to schools on US military bases worldwide. For more information visit or call Lara Burke at 732-486-1006.



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