Sexy NBA Costumes for Fans that are Hot…on Basketball

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The NBA Season is in full swing. If you love basketball as much as we do, then we hope your picking all the winning teams. However, if you want a winning look, our Sexy NBA costumes are just what you need to spice up game time. You can wear a costume to support your favorite team. The choices are:

  • Chicago Bulls
  • Miami Heat
  • LA Lakers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • NY Knicks
  • Boston Celtics

You can find these in the Sexy Sports Costumes section of Wholesale Costume Club or by typing NBA into the search bar on our site.

Sexy NBA costumes are now in stock. What a fun and flirty way for the female fan to route for her favorite team! You can choose from cheerleader costumes and women’s versions of team uniforms.

It looks like the Bulls, The Heat and the Lakers show the most promise to win but being from the NJ area I’ve got to cheer for those Knicks. Check out these sexy NBA costumes and tell us what you think.



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