The Many Looks of Vampires

Vampires come in many difference varieties. Some are far more subtle than others. All styles are attainable with a mix of costumes, accessories and makeup. To make the most informed costume decision you need to have an overview of each style and and see how they will work best for you.

Lets go back in time and start with the vampires of old; the ghoulish Bram Stoker Dracula with the black cape. Dracula was portrayed as an undead creature who could shape shift between a man and a bat.

The classic Transylvanian vampire typically has a cape with a high collar, a white shirt, a vest and a medallion. The makeup for this Dracula style vampire is the same as all other vampire costumes. It features pale makeup, blood and fangs.

Vampires in contemporary movies take on an the style of a typical mortal. The tell-tale characteristic that defines them as a vampire is their pallor. Then, when they are ready to hunt, the display the same blood thristy vampire fangs.

One of the first modern vampire movies was The Lost Boys. They were depicted as teenagers gone wild and they had an almost werewolf quality – hungry, brooding and animalistic. Achieve this look with 80s rocker wigs, vampire makeup and blood

When Twilight came along, vampires became more sophisticated. They became better able to control their blood thirsty urges and live with mortals, posing as human. Vampires such as Doctor Carlisle Cullen who practice medicine and are able to control their temptations in the presence of blood is an ideal example. You can use vampire makeup and wear a white lab coat to get a similar appearance. Wearing an Edward Cullen Twilight costume is a breeze too; just get the Love at First Bit wig, stay away from the sun and you are good to go.

Applying vampire makeup is easier than you think. Here is a video of a woman applying vampire makeup that you can purchase on our website.


You can get the best ideas from watching movies. My sources say that there are 27 top Dracula Movies between 1931 and the present. This does not include all other vampire movies that are not about the character of Dracula specifically. Between the images you find on Halloween costume website and what you see in the movies, it will be way easier than you think to create a look all your own.



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