Top Costumes for 2013

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Another Halloween is here. Way beyond the traditional ghosts, ghouls and typical icons of Halloween is a unique and trendy assortment of new costumes that are the most sought after of this year.  As always, pop culture dictates the popular costumes of the year but there are still those timeless favorites that we count on every year.

 Despicable Me Duck Bad walk

2013’s top costumes are as follows:

Despicable Me costumes – Surprisingly, this is not only popular with kids but with adults too. The Men’s Despicable Me and women’s Minion costumes are right up there with the boys and girls’ Minion costumes. If you have a family, this is the perfect G-rated group costume.

Unflappable Flapper Costumes – The gold standard for women’s, sexy and women’s plus size costumes are Flapper dresses. Every year new styles are added. We have several new flapper costumes this year but as a genre, they are all beautiful as well as timeless. As a trend it has had some staying power thanks to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Walking Dead Costumes – Rick Grimes and an assortment of zombie costumes that are officially licensed from the TV series were on the top of the list in 2012 and stay there for 2013.

Duck Dynasty Costumes – These once clean cut southern gentleman are now the long bearded millionaires of the duck calling empire. Phil, Uncle Si, Willie and Jase run the company and entertain millions each week with their highly rated reality show.

Breaking Bad Walter White – The high school chemistry teacher turned meth maker and murderer is the talk around every water cooler in America. His hazmat suit and gas mask will be recognized instantly by anyone who is a fan of the show.



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