Top Halloween Costumes 2014

Every year the public gets a chance to go out and see the biggest movies that are out. Afterwards, they can go and pick up the tons of memorabilia associated with those blockbusters, whether it be stickers, lip gloss, cups, bedding, and almost anything you can stamp an official license on. In most cases, many of those movie characters are transformed into costumes that come out just in time for Halloween. Kids and adults can choose from their favorite characters to go out trick or treating, or wear them to the big masquerade ball. 2014 is no different from any other and when the people want their fix of amazing disguises taken from the year’s hottest flicks, they know they can come to us. We offer a huge selection of 2014’s top costumes from this year’s box office blockbusters for great prices.

There’s nothing like becoming one of your favorite heroes or villains or cartoon characters and for those that are a little more trendier, suiting up in a current actor’s outfit is the only way to go, like when guys want to pretend they’re gigantic talking robots that battle to save the universe, they can get into our Optimus Prime Deluxe Men’s Costume. As the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime knows a thing or two about dealing with evil robots and he gives fans what they want in an action movie, especially in the recent Transformers: Age of Extinction, which is one of the many reasons why this is one of our top costumes for this Halloween, along with many other robots in disguise ensembles we have.

What makes a top costume is simple: Take a current theme and turn it into an outfit that lots of fans will be willing to wear. One of the sexiest, deadliest, and most alien warriors that graced the silver screen this summer is Gamora and this Women’s Gamora Adult Sexy Costume is a memorable one. For ladies that aren’t afraid of kicking a little galactic butt, this disguise will definitely make women feel like the gorgeous green-skinned femme fatale from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie who is out on a mission to strike whatever target is next. Guys and kids can join Gamora in the fight in any of our other super cool Guardians of the Galaxy costumes.

Disney always seems to have a stronghold on the kid-friendly movie area and this year they really took the cake with their smash hit Frozen. Little girls around the world have gone completely mad about the main character sisters Anna and Elsa and now they get to go even madder dressed in something like our Disney Frozen Elsa Deluxe Costume. Elsa is the beautiful princess who inherits magical ice powers that she uses to create a winter wonderland in Disney’s kid blockbuster and there are lots of other fun characters from the movie to dress up as using our collection, such as Anna and Olaf.

And while there are tons of princess outfits for little girls there are tons of our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes for little guys to choose from. We offer every butt-kicking turtle costume including Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo for boys to put on and commence to practicing their karate moves just like the band of turtle brothers that have awesome ninja moves that kids loved to see in their latest movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We aren’t just about movies either. Anything considered a hot topic is what we aim to turn into a cool costume, including television shows like the cult classic, Game of Thrones. Now folks get a chance to bring the days of yore to the present wearing outfits like our Women’s Plus Size Queen of Thrones Renaissance Costume, which is perfect for the curvaceous Thrones-lover, or our Men’s Ole Kings Coat Costume. The Renaissance never looked as good as it did when you’re portraying a medieval king or queen and jousting with the best of the knights.

Whenever someone is looking for that perfect disguise to wear that resembles their favorite movie or television character, they should look no further than the Top Costumes for 2014.