Halloween is always better spent with friends! Make an impression at costume contests and Halloween parties by showing up with your friends all dressed up in matching costume themes. With our new catalog of 2014 group costumes, customers have a bevy of ideas. For both boys and girls, kids and adults alike, our variety of Top Group Costumes for 2014 provides you with fun and memorable costumes. Decide on a costume theme or group of characters with your friends and search for your costumes today!

Movies can be great inspiration for coming with group costume ideas. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in the limelight with a new hit movie and we carry costumes for each of the Ninja Turtles. You and your friends can each dress up like your favorite Ninja Turtle and can go out on Halloween dressed up as the whole crew! We also carry new Duck Hunter themed costumes and beard sets, so siblings or groups of friends can dress up like the characters of your favorite reality show.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

Women and girls can select from great themes like Maleficent and Frozen. Our catalog of new costumes includes Maleficent ensembles from the new movie and Aurora princess dresses so pairs can go out in complimenting outfits. The new Maleficent movie let audience members get to know the iconic Disney villain a little better and has inspired Maleficent fans. For gamers, best friends or sisters can dress up like Nintendo’s famous duo with our Women’s Mario and Luigi costumes too.Maleficent Costume for Women


Kids can go trick or treating as a matching group with our Power Rangers costume choices. The Power Rangers have never gone out of style and each year they introduce new characters and new uniforms. We carry each color Power Rangers so both boys and girls can pick out their favorites!

Power Rangers Costumes

You’ll be the center of attention when you and your friends show up to the party all dressed in matching costumes! Kids especially will enjoy being a part of a group and dressing up with their classmates. Many characters come in groups or pairs and now you can dress up like the entire cast of your favorite show or movie with our selection of group costumes.

Make Halloween 2014 a memorable one and pick out matching themed group costumes with your best friends!