What do taxes and costumes have in common?

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Uncle Sam Costume

What do taxes and costumes have in common? Patriotism.  It is our patriotic duty to pay taxes and patriotic costumes represent our commitment to our country. Plus, seeing someone dressed in a costume while reminding us to get our taxes done makes the whole process a bit less painful, especially if you know you’re going to owe.

The countdown on for April 15th.  You’ve probably noticed all those tax preparation companies advertising on TV. You may have also seen men and women standing at store fronts and on corners dressed like The Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam.

Statue of Liberty Costume


According the the women in the video above, she loves wearing her Statue of Liberty Costume. It is certainly one that you can make great use of. Wear it to earn a few extra bucks to pay your taxes then wear it again for 4th of July and Halloween.  Uncle Sam costumes come in styles for both men and women.



If you happen to see a man or women dressed in one of these patriotic costumes holding a sign about filing your income taxes, there is a good chance they bought that costume from Wholesale Costume Club.



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