Wholesale Costume Club’s Halloween Fundraiser In Its Fouth Year

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Wholesale Costume Club has officially kicked off our 4th Annual Halloween Costume Fundraiser Early Registration.  We open this fundraiser to schools, clubs, sports teams, churches and non-profit groups that are looking to raise money for their cause. If you chair a fundraising committee, or know someone that does,  you absolutely must read on!

This is by far, the best fundraiser you will ever do because it requires NO WORK! We do all of the work for you. We take the orders, process them and ship directly to the customer. You simply wait to receive a check for doing nothing more than promotion your group’s special promo code. We even give you a free PDF flier to use as your promotional tool.

All you need to do to get started is sign up for FREE. Go to Halloween Fundraiser Registration and Information site for full details. Wholesale Costume Club will give your organization a unique promo code and when your members, family and friends use it at checkout, 15% of their sale will go back to your organization. All you need to do it promote the code using the flier that we provide to you. Since the flier is in a PDF format, it can be used in print or email blasts. If your organization is paperless, you can promote this fundraiser through email and social media making it completely free of any overhead such as paper and printing.

Our costume fundraiser provides a great supplement to everyone’s fundraising efforts. The fundraiser runs from August 15th until Halloween day but we suggest you sign up early and secure your spot in the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever do. Check out our registration and information site or contact Lara Burke at 732-486-1006 today.



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